Corinth Detachment

Marine Corps League

DECEMBER 15, 2017
Meeting minutes:


1.   Corinth Detachment 1331 was opened for business with 8 members present

       and 8 visitors present.

          Al Newman
   Gerald Nichols
   Gaines Griffin
   Larry DeBerry
   Lance Gargus
   Cindy Adams
   Gail Smith
   Ravin Smith


            Margie Potts
     Charlene Nichols
     Conner Gargus
     Stephen Hamlin
     Roniece Newman
     Tim Ratliff
     Bob Newman
     Fay Newman



Good of the League Items: 

Chaplain's Report:






Paymaster's Report:

Starting Balance:






Total Deposits:





Total Expenses:


Ending Balance:


$ collections and donations

New Business:


1.  Gerald Nichols, Paymaster, gave the financial report with a
balance of $4,170.15.

2.  Presented a check of $1,000.00 to Tim Ratliff for Havis Kids.

3.  Exchanged Christmas presents.



         Meeting was adjourned.